Responsibilities Include but are not limited to:

  • Review of all contract drawings, specifications, shop drawings and submittals for coordination of built-in-items.
  • Thorough understanding and knowledge of engineering, architectural and other construction drawings.
  • Manage and direct all job site activities from start up to completion and ensure project is in accordance with contract specifications and drawings.
  • Ensure materials and equipment are released for fabrication or manufactured in time to meet the construction schedule.
  • Oversee all labor and subcontractors; check work as it is being placed to ensure it is accurate within accepted tolerance.
  • Responsible for implementing and managing weekly safety meetings relaying safety procedures mandated by company and public safety officials, including OSHA and city governments.
  • Must be able to work well under pressure, particularly when faced with unexpected occurrences or delays.
  • Maintain blueprints, field books and other construction documents (i.e. RFIs, NCRs, and Inspection Reports).
  • Prepare daily construction reports, schedules, look-ahead schedules, and maintain close-out records for the project (i.e. as-builts).
  • Collect daily reports from subcontractors and ensure they reflect work performed and level of employees on site (number of supervisors and trade workers).
  • Report should also include pertinent notes on the project.
  • Coordination with the construction manager and project administrator on certified payroll reports. Task will include comparing daily reports with their submittals to ensure accuracy.
  • Knowledge with permitting process, inspection procedures, building codes and ordinances.
  • Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

Required Certifications

  • OSHA-30
  • CPR/First Aid
  • Minimum of 5 years experience on commercial/public work

Desired Background:

  • Background in engineering, construction management, architecture or a related field
  • Federal/US Army Corp of Engineers/Public Works
  • SWPPs
  • Dust Permit
  • CQM Certification

Salary $85,000-$92,000

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